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Take your pick from a wide variety of staples available across leading and regional brands at a more store or Our Brands near you. You can also choose one of our Own Brands, more Choice Superior, more Selecta or more Value. Our brands offer great quality and value. We care deeply about the quality of staples you buy, which is why we adhere to the strict quality norms. Right from our reprocessing centers to the time it is stocked in our stores, quality is certified through multiple checks to ensure you get the safest and the best quality of staples. All our reprocessing centers are FSMS (ISO 22000-2005) certified. with more to follow. We put the pursuit of quality above all else and choose our suppliers carefully. About 33% of our supply comes from the millers, making sure we reduce chances of contamination.

We ensure that we stay abreast and ahead of the industry's quality standards through regular quality benchmarking tests that are conducted via consumers. That's why we can ensure you get assured purity every time you shop at Our Brands



    Dal (pulses) is an indispensable part of the Indian diet, and we stock a wide variety of dals, which is sourced directly from mills that pass our stringent quality tests. We ensure food safety by conducting quality checks at our reprocessing and distribution centres. Further, all of our pulses pass through stringent quality protocols to ensure they meet or exceed our quality norms. So, whether you prefer chana, moong, toor or urad dal , we've got it all at a Our Brands store near you.

  • Flours


    Soft and fluffy, high quality flour is a must-have for homemakers everywhere. And, we’ve got it all covered, so choose what you like -- multigrain atta (whole wheat flour), wheat atta ( whole wheat flour) or maida(all purpose flour) and be assured of quality. We ensure that all our flour is sourced from approved vendors only and then transported and packed to meet the highest quality standards.

    Our Brands's 'Own Brands', Our Brands_Choice Superior, Our Brands Selecta and Our Brands_Value, provide wholesome nutrition to your family along with perfect consistency of colour, taste and nutrition.

  • Rice


    Scrumptious and perfect for everyday use and also for special occasions, the Our Brands Supermarket stocks over 60 varieties of rice, while at our Our Brands you can choose from over 100 varieties of rice. We source rice from the best of vendors, mills and local traders using strict quality norms. Our ISO 22000 certified reprocessing centers conduct physical and chemical checks to ensure that the highest standards of food safety are maintained. Take your pick from aromatic Basmati, Kolam , Surti Kolam or delicious Poha (flattened rice) at a Our Brands's store or Our Brands near you!

  • Edible Oils


    Make every meal healthy and flavoursome with our wide range of edible oils. We stock different varieties of edible oils such as Goldwinner, Sunpure, Fortune, Borges, Sundrop, Saffola and other leading brands. So, pick from a wide variety of cooking oils to suit diverse cuisines and cooking needs, all without compromising on the health of your family.

  • Salt & Sugar


    Salt and Sugar are essentials for any pantry. Stock up on high quality salt and sugar from leading brands in addition to our very Own Brands, Our Brands Value, Our Brands Choice and Selecta. In addition to direct sourcing, we have also partnered with high-quality vendors to ensure that we consistently deliver high quality salt and sugar.

    Take your pick from a variety of brands that combine high quality with great value, because we know you want nothing less than the best.

  • Spices


    The fame of Indian spices is older than history itself, and you can get the best of ground, blended and whole spices at a Our Brands store or Our Brands near you. We strive to deliver top-notch quality, and our reprocessing centers in Hyderabad and Bengaluru are ISO 22000 certified. Additionally, we closely monitor vendors to ensure quality standards are maintained.

    With leading brands and our home brand Our Brands Choice to select from, rest assured that you’re adding natural and pure spices to every meal you cook for your loved ones.