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Fruits & Vegetables

At Our Brands, we love our fruits and vegetables to be fresh, just like you do. We source most of our vegetables directly from farmers and then supply it to a store near you within 24 hours and under 6 hours in a few cities. This is done while following well-established quality norms and shelf-life norms, with quality checks carried out at multiple levels to ensure we stock only the freshest produce.

With our ‘Full & Fresh at 5’ initiative, we ensure that our store always has stock of the freshest leafy vegetables. This is done through multiple deliveries on a daily basis and optimized stocking systems that prevent stockout, and this is currently being done at over 100 Supermarkets & 16 Hypermarkets. What’s more, our store staff constantly monitors quality and freshness once the stock reaches our shelves.

So put your family on the tasty road to better health by shopping from our fresh selection of vegetables and a wide variety of fruits!

  • Leafy Vegetables


    Go green! Leafy vegetables are brimming with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that should be an indispensable part of your family’s daily diet. Sourced from farmers and always fresh, you can prepare a wholesome meal for your family from our fresh selection of leafy vegetables, including spinach, corriander, mint, and much more.

  • Fruit Vegetables


    Power-packed and loaded with valuable nutrients, fruit vegetables are a tasty way to ensure your family stays healthy all the time. We make sure that our vegetables are always fresh and supplied to our stores within 24 hours of being purchased from the suppliers. In fact, in a few cities vegetables are supplied within 6 hours! So, using our selection of chili peppers, tomatoes and brinjals you can add a dash of health to your everyday dishes!

  • Root Vegetables


    Root vegetables such as carrots, beetroots, ginger and potatoes are an invaluable source of nutrition for your family, and we ensure you get the best of them by following stringent quality and shelf-life norms, while procuring them from farmers. Add a touch of something special to your meals with the fresh selection of vegetables from your nearby Our Brands store.

  • Bulb Vegetables


    Aromatic and flavorsome, bulb vegetables such as onions, spring onions, and garlic are versatile and commonly seen in most kitchens. Our selection of vegetables is always farm-fresh and transported in conditions that ensure their freshness according to our well-defined quality standards. Make every meal a special one by shopping for fresh vegetables at Our Brands.

  • Fresh Fruits


    It's easy to enjoy health benefits and amazing flavours that only fresh fruits can provide when you shop at your nearby Our Brands store. Our dedication to quality ensures that our fruits like bananas and mangoes are safely ripened, keeping them carbide free.

    At Our Brands, we offer premium quality fresh fruits from around the world, including apples from New Zealand, Australia and Washington(US), grapes from California, kiwi fruit from New Zealand and Italy and lots more! So get the freshest of fruits from your nearby Our Brands store knowing our fruits are picked fresh, shipped fresh, and ready to eat fresh, always.