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Quality Initiatives

ABRL is firmly committed to assure its customers of the quality of its products and services on a consistent basis. ARBL defines, protects and grows its brands through rigorous application of quality standards and principles to provide consumers with consistently excellent value.

The Quality Management System at ABRL is based around three core principles, namely

  • Keeping customers at the centre of everything ABRL does
  • Following the law of the land unconditionally
  • The Aditya Birla Brand image

Our efforts to put Quality 1st have seen us become one of the First Indian food and grocery retailers to have our stores receive the prestigious FSMS (Food Safety Management Systems) certification from Bureau Veritas. ABRL’s quality standards and specifications are formulated in line with recognised standards like Codex Alimentarius FAO, FDA, BIS and FSSAI while keeping customer requirements in mind.

Our commitment has been outlined in a well articulated Quality Policy. To read this Quality Policy in full, please click here.

ABRL’s Quality Management System

ABRL’s team of quality experts follow a multi-faceted quality evaluation system and process to check, maintain, assure and continuously improve quality norms. This is done in order to maintain consistency in product and offer excellent value to customers.

The key requirements that are important to deliver consistently high quality product and services to the market are:

ABRL's Quality Team & Process

ABRL has a rigorous, credible and efficient assessment, inspection, testing and certification system. There is an established traceability, recall and recovery procedure which is in line with GFSI and FSSAI norms.

ABRL has defined specs for the product and processes and routinely reviews and benchmarks them against the best in the industry. Each employee plays a critical role in delivering quality standards and the business is committed to driveing continuous and innovative improvements.

Continuous monitoring of ABRL Quality standards is accomplished through periodic audit and checks which helps achieve continuous improvements in the Quality Management System. This is also strengthened by continuously upgrading the audit protocol and checklists.

ABRL's Quality Team & Process
ABRL's Quality Team

ABRL’s team of well-qualified and experienced Quality professionals from the Food, FMCG, Textiles and Retail industries consistently drive quality. This is done through well-established Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes and covers Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and our Own Brands across all zones.

ABRL continuously enhances the capability of its quality team through training and coaching. We encourage value addition and some of our employees have been exposed to BRC (British retail consortium) Certification, ISO22000, Motorola 6 Sigma Black belt, Beekeeping, Business Excellence, MBA and HACCP while working with us.

Aditya Birla Science and Technology Centre Ltd, Taloja

The Aditya Birla Science and Technology Centre Ltd at Taloja is our Research & Development hub and is spread across 3,380 square feet. It drives our innovation, product research and packaging, development, stability and safety testing efforts for food and non-food products.

The aim of the team is to evaluate and ensure that products available at the stores meet ABRL’s stringent specification, regulatory and statutory requirements. This is done through the implementation of a robust Quality Management System.

The central lab is used to periodically test food products and there is a calibration and verification program used to ensure accuracy of the lab instruments. Varied equipment is used by the team across:

  • Packaging Labs
  • Wet Chemistry Labs
  • Instrumentation Labs
  • Formulation development labs
  • Pilot plants for food as well as all non-food products
Quality Assurance and Improvement

Quality is a key part of our culture, the way we work, and why we take pride in what we do. Our dedication to quality is reinforced by proven internal processes and procedures used for quality control and inspection. We strive to continuously improve our quality standards and delight customers, as demonstrated by the certifications we have been awarded.

ABRL has well-defined processes that ensure quality and food safety is maintained at all times. We source all our products from approved vendors only, with constant monitoring and feedback ensuring that quality comes first. We conduct comprehensive benchmarking exercises on a regular basis against leading national brands. Customer perceptions are gauged and regular feedback is given to vendors as well as to buyers, reprocessing centers and source packers in order to improve products on an on-going basis.

Product freshness is a big focus area for ABRL, and this is controlled through shelf life norm acceptance process where all the products have a stipulated acceptance specification based on their “best before” date. Fruits and vegetables vendors are also regularly monitored for adulteration like calcium carbide ripening of mangoes, papayas, bananas, etc. since this diminishes the quality of the produce we offer.

We are also committed to offer pure Staples. Further, we ensure physical & chemical checks are carried thoroughly for cleaning, sorting and packing, which is done in a hygienic environment by controlling on-line process parameters like calibration, weight controls, seal integrity, and drop tests. These staple products also get tested from NABL accredited testing labs and in-house central labs. In our entire supply chain, staples can be traced as per guidelines of ISO-22000:2005.

Our Quality Assurance processes extend across categories to cover Apparel, General Merchandise, Consumer Durables and Footwear as well. They are put through intermittent tests to ensure quality and quality clearances are received through in-house staff as well as reputed testing houses like Intertek and TUV.

ABRL is systematically committed to ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality standards when being delivered to our customer, because for us Quality always comes first.

ISO 22000: A new Management System for Food Safety

In keeping with our quality first motto, ABRL takes pride in being the first ever Indian food and grocery retailer to receive the FSMS (Food Safety Management System) certification for ensuring the manufacture, storage, distribution and sale of food that adheres to the highest quality standards.

The purpose of ISO 22000 is to provide a practical approach to ensure the reduction and elimination of food safety risks as a means to protect consumers. ISO 22000 is intended to help organisations in the following ways:

ABRL's Quality Team & Process

Food-safety management systems function only when the interdependent methods between food producers, suppliers, and customers are understood and managed. This includes a clear understanding of responsibility and provisions for accountability at all levels. This can only be done in the light of a structured management system such as one conforming to ISO 22000.

Our Vendor Selection Process

ABRL actively collaborates with more than 6000 vendors across various categories. For business sustainability and growth, a vendor must be aligned to ABRL’s objectives. Thus vendor selection is done through:

  • Extensive market visits
  • Competition benchmarking
  • Exploring known sources/references
  • Financial viability
  • Assessment of vendor overall financial health

Vendors are continuously monitored through the quality of their supplies, audits of their sites, and efforts are made to improve their infrastructure, processes, and practices on a dynamic basis. ABRL works closely with its vendors on joint programs for packaging and product improvement in addition to meeting regularly to continuously improve the quality of vendor supplies.