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Go mobile with us! The all-new Clubmore offers a shopping experience that’s even more rewarding.

Come join a family of around 20 million Clubmore members and enjoy a host of tailor-made offers that deliver unbeatable savings with your monthly purchases. It is also incredibly convenient as you only need a mobile number to access your account and redeem your points.

What’s more, registration is completely free with no hidden charges, minimum spend requirements or fees. So sign up and join the Clubmore family today & enjoy discounts & offers.



Do I have to pay anything to become a member?

No, Clubmore is a free membership program. There is no joining fee and no minimum spend required to become a member.

What benefits will I get?

As a Clubmore member, we will create tailor-made offers and exclusive discounts just for you over and above any offers we have running in our stores. The in store offers & discounts will only be applicable to Clubmore members. Customers not providing their mobile number will be charged MRP prices for the products purchased.

How can I join the program?

All you need to do is visit the nearest more outlet for your grocery purchases. After your purchase, at the billing counter just provide your mobile number and you will be registered as a Clubmore member. Your mobile number will be your Clubmore account number and will be provided benefits to this number henceforth. State your same number for any future purchases made at More.

Can I provide a Clubmore account to my son who is in College?

A Clubmore member needs to be an Indian National and aged 18 years and above to be provided Clubmore membership.

Will I receive the latest promotions/offers on my Mobile Phone?

All members who are not registered on DND (Do Not Disturb) will receive the latest news and offers available. We ensure that all messages are governed so that members are never inconvenienced by the frequency or content of these messages. DND customers can use the opt in service to start getting SMS.

How do I receive messages?

Please SMS START 5 to 1909 to opt in to receiving messages from Clubmore.

Can my family member use my card to avail of benefits on my Clubmore account?

Family members can earn discounts (if applicable) by mentioning your registered mobile number prior to billing, but redemption (if applicable) can only be done if the customer has the mobile with him/her to receive and confirm the OTP.

Is my membership valid across all more outlets?

Yes, your Clubmore membership is valid across all more stores.